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AJ Magic's Vlogmas videos

Posted by Adam Smith on

Hi All 

We at AJ Magic have been doing some silly Christmas challenges for our Vlogmas on YouTube.

We decided to have a bit more fun over the month of December to get people into the happy, silly, crazy mood that we all love at this time of year. 

So I present to you our crazy boys of AJ Magic ..... The 2 Jokers Ben and Cameron (Who are also available for Children's parties - These guys are funny, amazing and will entertain your children to the MAX) 

So here are the Vlogmas Challenges 

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Hope you enjoy and love to you all.....Merry Christmas

Adam Smith, Jaclyn Rose, Ben Roswell and Cameron Baxter

Day 1

Day 2

 Day 3

 Day 4

 Day 5

 Day 6 

 Day 7 - Personal favourite 

 Day 8 

 Day 9 

 Day 10

 Day 11

 Day 12 

 Day 13

 Day 14 

 Day 15 

 Day 16 

 Day 17 

Day 18 

 Day 19 

 Day 20 

 Day 21 - Coming soon 

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