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Meet The Team at AJ Magic

"A"  Adam Smith.

Professional Magician and co owner of AJ Magic. Adam has been a professional magician for 14 years and has always wanted to open a magic shop to allow people to come and see magic up close and also buy effects to learn and entertain friends and family.  He loves performing and teaching magic and thrives on the reactions. As he has always said.. "Believe magic, if you can do that anything can happen"

Adam's website 

Adam Smith - AJ Magic


"J"  Jaclyn Rose.

Jaclyn is co owner of AJ Magic and also partner to Adam.  Her love for magic only started after meeting Adam and seeing him perform.  She previously worked at Tunbridge Wells Police Station but left and became Adams full time PA in 2014. She has never looked back and loves the magical life.

Jaclyn Rose - AJ Magic


Ben Roswell (Joker 1)

Under construction :-)


Cameron Bax (Joker 2)

Under construction :-)


Elmsley.  R.I.P Always remembered now up in Nemo heaven 

'Elmsley' is AJ Magic's mascot and shop security. He is often seen swimming around the shop and performing magic jumps in his tank. Come and say hi you can 'COUNT' on him. :-)

Elmsley - AJ Magic mascot