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AJ Magic The Grail GOLD EDITION by Mike Rose

The Grail GOLD EDITION by Mike Rose

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As Seen On Penn And Tellers Fool Us
The best selling Card at any number!!


You give your spectator a small black envelope to place in their pocket. You ask your spectator to name any number between 1 and 52. You give your spectator a deck of cards and ask them to deal down to their chosen number. They stop at their chosen number. You ask them to open the untouched envelope.


The card matches the card at their chosen number!

No Forces!

One Envelope!

One deck!

Deck can be examined!

No switching of card or envelope!

Easy to perform!


The Grail Gold Edition

The Best Has Just Got Better!

  • The Grail is the first in a new line of Gold Edition effects.  What is a Gold Edition effect?
  • Gold Edition

Every Alakazam Effect which carries the Gold Edition mark will have a number of new routines/bonus footage that never appeared with the first version!

The Grail Gold Edition now contains the following new material:

The Holy Grail

This is the version of the Grail that Peter Nardi has been performing for over 2 years (this version totally blew David Blaine away when Peter performed it for him).

Imagine handing your spectator a small black envelope which they are instructed to place in their pocket. A packet of cards are introduced and your spectator is asked to name a number between 1-52.  Whichever number they name (no force) is the number we go with.   The cards are removed from the deck and handed to the Spectator to examine.  Once your spectator is happy the deck is normal they count through the cards to their chosen number.  The card exactly at their number (not the card before or after) is seen to be lets say the 3 of clubs. Your spectator removes the envelope from his pocket and removes the odd backed card inside, it’s the perfect match.

  1. Only one envelope
  2. Only One Card in the Envelope

    Magician never touches the Card or envelope once removed from the spectators       pocket

  1. Only one deck used
  2. Deck is examined
  3. No switching of card or envelope.
  4. No Palming, adding or taking anything away
  5. Easy to Perform and carry on using the deck for the rest of your set after the effect.

Peter Nardi’s Impossible Grail Opener (Stage Version)

If you perform a cabaret or stage act this opener is for you.  A great impossible effect to kick off your  show and gets you a randomly selected volunteer up on stage to help with your next effect!

Peter Nardi’s Two Person Any Card At Any Number?

This is the ideal version to perform for a competition piece, parlour performance or when ever you have a table to perform on.  Peter uses this as a sit-down routine when he has a couple to perform to.

Two decks of card are introduced, One red and one blue.  One spectator selects a deck and chooses a card sight unseen.  The second spectator names a number between 1-52 and deals down to that number in the other deck.  Both cards match!

This is a real nailer and really plays big with a fantastic connection/coincidence premise!

Peter Nardi’s Impromptu Grail

Now you can perform the great card at any number with your spectators own deck!!!

The Grail Gold Edition comes with the above routines and even more additional ideas - the definitive work on Mike Rose's NOW CLASSIC effect!